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The company „TÁRS-95 Acélszerkezet és Gépgyártó Építőipari Kereskedelmi Kft” (TÁRS-95 Steel Structure and Machine Manufacturing, Constructional and Trading Ltd.) was founded by the owner Tamás Kovács in 1995 as a small business operating in the eastern industrial area of the city of Debrecen and employing only a few people.

The company was established to manufacture custom steel structures. In order to better meet market demands the scope of activities was extended by constructional execution works. The initial workforce of 4-5 increased to almost 100 by 2012. Over the past ten years sales revenue increased from a few million to two billion forints.

The management system of Társ-95 Kft. is certified in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management system and covers all elements and processes of steel structure manufacturing and building industrial execution works. The company introduced an environment management system and had it certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2009 standard in 2012.

Constructional execution works are undertaken by the company with full-scope completion as a general contractor. With the participation of experienced professionals and site managers employed by the company manufacturing halls, commercial facilities, warehouses, vehicle repair shops, a department store with huge floor space, a sowing seed warehouse etc. were built. Társ-95 Kft. possesses building industrial professionals and technical equipment essential to execution. The stable background of subcontractors and suppliers developed during the years contributes to the good quality performance of the projects by short deadlines.

In the field of steel structure manufacturing the manufacturing halls with large floor space and equipped with cranes (2 x 10 t, 3 x 5 t bridge cranes, 1 t and 2 t swing-cranes) are suitable to the custom and mass manufacturing of general steel structures, the steel structures of energy facilities (cooling towers etc.), technological steel structures and steel structures for buildings. The completed steel structures and locksmith structures for buildings are assembled and mounted by well-prepared erection crews at the construction sites. The vehicles carrying personnel and freight as well as the equipment required for performing this activity are available.

Qualified welders work under the supervision of welding engineers in a welding plant certified according to standard DIN EN ISO 3834-2. The quality controller carrying out the testing of materials possesses VT2, PT2 and UT2 certificates.

The company continuously improves the personnel and material resources required for fulfilling its activities.

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